AMEE RUBBER manufacturers more than 3000 different profiles which are marketed under the well established brand name of "AMEE" and caters to the sealing products requirements of different industries such as Automobiles, Railways, Ships, Ocean-going Containers, Buildings etc. The products manufactured by the company are :

These are seals for windows enabling smooth slide of glass. They are hard wearing, resistant to severe conditions such as friction, climate and aerodynamic effects. AMEE channels feature excellent air and water tightness even when the windows lower at a slant, and this is very important in curved windows which are extensively used in motor vehicles today.

The cellular or sponge EPDM profiles find application in buildings for insulation purposes and keep out dust, moisture and water. They are perfectly ambient and have qualities of being weather resistant and long lasting.

AMEE bus body profiles do an excellent job of sealing as well as being tough and long lasting. They are not affected by climatic conditions, vibrations and ambient temperatures. They are ozone resistant and therefore do not develop cracks.

AMEE container seals are used to prevent air, moisture and water from entering into the container and they help in preservation of the stored articles.

AMEE Genset seals are designed to achieve optimum sound acoustics and to prevent air, moisture and water from entering the canopy.
Microwave processing of materials is a relatively new technology alternative that provides new approaches for enhancing material properties as well as economic advantages through energy savings and accelerated product development. The characteristics of microwave interaction with materials are outlined together with the challenges to process materials that are difficult to process with conventional methods. Clearly, advantages utilizing microwave technologies for processing include penetrating radiation, controlled electric field distribution, rapid heating, self limitation reactions, and selective and volumetric heating.

1. Profiles are clean and free from contamination.
2. Profiles are straight as they are produced and cured continuous in length.
3. Profiles have a controlled dimensional tolerance as there is no direct man handling.
4. Profile is cured in high temperature and without pressure so the compound cannot be
loaded with cheap quality fillers which effects curing.
5. Sponge and Silicon profiles are also cured effectively with ease.
6. Profiles are not loaded with fillers for which the weight of the profile is less which leads to
higher length in lighter weight of the profile.

1. International quality products matching standards such as ISO, DIN, ASTM etc.
2. We provide customized products as advised by our customers as we have a complete in house
development facility.
3. We ensure prompt delivery.
4. Samples are available on request.
5. We are open to suggestions to improve our product.